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Annie Hamilton

Annie has always had a keen interest in natural health and the benefits of complementary medicine.  

It was after the birth of her second child that pelvic problems and back pain led her to actively seek a complementary solution. Having tried various more well-known therapy options , it was a combination of Bowen and Amatsu that finally produced the most significant and lasting change in her condition. 

" It was the first time that a therapist had looked at my whole alignment rather than   just my lower back and, with gentle treatment and advice, everything improved very quickly. I was fascinated how these new ways of treatment made sense and really worked. I immediately wanted to learn more for myself."   

Annie acheived her first qualifications in 2007. Today, Annie selects from these two powerful therapies to recommend the best path of treatment for her clients.

Annie has written several articles and given presentations about both disciplines and is committed to their ongoing promotion. She regularly attends courses on both Amatsu and Bowen and related subjects.

Annie lives and works in a peaceful village between Wendover and Great Missenden, with her partner, 2 children, 2 dogs and a cat. She enjoys walking, reading, cooking and beaches - whether hot, or wild and windy!  She also gets great pleasure from her work.......

Courses attended to date include:

The Bowen Technique                                                                 College of Bowen 

Advanced Level Bowen                                                                Julian Baker, ECBS

Neuro- structural technique - level 1                                              David Howells

Bowen Shoulder and Pelvis                                                           Julian Baker, ECBS

Bowen and Back Pain                                                                  John Wilkes

Amatsu: Anma, Seitai                                                                 Jane Langston
Shinden (visceral manipulation)                                                    The Amatsu Training School

Cranial 1 and 2                                                                          Taz Faruqui

Principles of Natural Body Movement                                              Dennis Bartram

Fascia Bowen                                                                             Howard Plummer 

Return to Function                                                                      Michele Marr, ECBS,

Bowen for Sports injuries                                                             Paula Esson, ECBS,

Kinesiological and Orthopaedic Evaluation                                        Dennis Bartram

Visceral manipulation 1                                                                Jo Crill

Bowen for Asthma and Respiratory conditions                                  Alastair Rattray

Working with mothers and babies                                                  John Wilkes

The Essential TMJ ( implications of jaw dysfunction)                         Ron Phelan

The Importance of Symmetry                                                         Graham Pennington

ITEC diploma anatomy and physiology

First Aid                                                                                     The Red Cross



Nicola Smith  BSc Nut Med. mBANT                                                                         

Having always had an interest in food and its effect on health,  Nicola struggled to regain her vitality after the birth of her first child and sought the advice of a nutritional therapist.   Following the recommended dietary and supplement regime resulted in a return to her energy levels, desirable weight loss and the healthy pregnancy and birth of a much longed for second child.   Wanting to share this experience with others in a similar situation Nicola began to study the subject in earnest in 2003 and achieved a Diploma and a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from Thames Valley University.

 Nicola constantly seeks to expand her knowledge and has attended many seminars including –
Cardiovascular Health                         The Science of Skin
Sleep Disorders                                   Amino Acids and their use in Practice
Addiction                                           Overcoming the Barriers to Weight Loss
Inflammation                                      Balancing Hormones Naturally
The Growing Years                             Bone Health
Nutritional Management of Gut Disorders              
Menopause Masterclass                                    
Introduction to Stool Testing
Biochemical Testing
Foundations of Fitness
Sports Nutrition
Nicola is also a member of BANT – The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy.

While studying Nicola learned about aloe vera and the many areas in which it can support health and around the same time was introduced to Forever Living. As she had suffered frequently from colds, sore throats and other minor respiratory illnesses since childhood, Nicola started drinking aloe vera and within a few months realised that she had not had an infection since starting to take it - and has had barely a sniffle since.    Since then she has seen the huge improvement aloe has made to her son’s hayfever and to many other people’s health,  with issues such as digestive disorders, arthritis and immune imbalance.    She has also been able to help others start their own businesses with Forever and is very proud to be associated with such an amazing company.

In early 2012 Nicola began working with zest4life the nutrition and weightloss programme put together by well respected nutritionist Patrick Holford.   After a very successful Trial run at the Bagnall Centre in Chesham, Nicola has continued to run group and individual programmes, helping many people understand and improve their health and weight issues.