Amatsu Testimonials


" I have been seeing Annie for a couple of years now, initially for lower back pain which she quickly identified and released using muscle testing to identify the problem and the solution. She works her magic every time, realigning me when I am 'out' and generally making me feel younger and more flexible than I had before stepping into her clinic! She has such a warm, lovely personality and puts you at ease straight away. Amatsu is a fascinating therapy and I have recommended her to anyone who will listen. Or complains of any aches and pains! Everyone needs an Annie in their life! "  

                                                                                                             Caroline Masters

General ( and teenagers!)

 "I normally see Annie for Bowen sessions, but she has also used Amatsu at times for 1 or 2 more chronic issues. I cannot recommend Annie enough. I benefit for weeks after a treatment with less pain, better posture and improved wellbeing. She is so passionate and incredibly professional and she really does know her stuff. Both of my sporty children have benefitted hugely from her expertise at times of injury and also just for body balancing to improve their general health, posture and performance. They also enjoy seeing Annie, as she is just one of life's lovely people with a teenager of her own! .

                                                                                                                     Annie Smith


" It has made an incredible difference to my life since seeing Annie. My knee had been causing me pain for quite a long time and I thought it would get better by itself. However through vigorous exercising I had exacerbate my damaged knee to the point where my body began to compensate for the pain. After seeing Annie the results were unbelievable! Exercising was amazing. Before my right leg felt 'heavy' and making it work was laborious. However ,after a session with Annie,my leg felt light. There is no other way to describe it. My movements are now much faster and it feels as if my body has been brought back together. Thank you Annie !"                Carol Innes, aged 48.


"I had never heard of Amatsu before and only decided to give it a try when I couldn't find an available osteopath for my shoulders and back pain. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised!

Annie made me feel at ease from our first communication via email. Unlike osteopathy Amatsu looks at the body as a whole and how each part interacts; surprisingly, although I thought  I was only suffering from back pain, I found out through Amatsu that the main cause wasn't actually my back!

My back and shoulders have been better than they have been for years, and it happens to also have alleviated my asthma! Following on from the session, I was quite tired on the day, but from the next day, I felt full of energy. It also seems to have lifted my mood and I felt great for at least a week after.

All in all, a great experience and I have recommended Annie/Amatsu to all my friends and everyone at work."                                                                        Djamila Sebbaha, aged 34.

Lumbar pain
Having tried many different therapies for my back pain over the years I found that Amatsu has made a real and lasting difference…and I really look forward to my sessions with Annie.”
                                                                                                            Sarah J, aged 60.

‘B’ had increasing discomfort in her back over a period of 6 months. Pain was waking her at night and she was very stiff in the mornings. After 3 balances her back was greatly improved, she could sleep through the night and had no pain during the day. She claims “My back has never been as bad since.” (3 years on).
                                                                                                         Beverley H, aged 40.

Sacro-iliac problems
My work in the fitness industry means that I am very busy and I am lucky to have Annie nearby for flexible appointments when I am in need. I have found Amatsu a great way to keep balanced and, in particular quick and effective at resolving my occasional back pain.
I have even had her treat me on my studio floor just before a class enabling me to continue my full schedule of Pilates and swimming classes!
Amatsu also helped me restore balance when a late injury threatened my chances of running the 2009 London marathon.”

                                               Liz W, Pilates , swimming and trampolining instructor aged 48.

TMJ issues -tooth and face pain

"I am one very happy lady!  Since I saw you for my treatment on Monday I have had a huge improvement in my jaw and tooth pain.  I am absolutely delighted.I am not totally "cured" yet but the difference is incredible.  I have until now been reaching for the Ibuprofen or Paracetemol every 7 hours.  Since my treatment I have gone for 19 hours one day and 16 hours today.  The jaw and sometimes teeth still niggle but nothing to the degree before my visit. I have only had one fairly bad episode and that is unusual after all these months of daily pain."

                                                                                                                     Lorraine Knight 



 Lumbar disc/hip injury/cystitis
A bad fall while running had caused Angi to rupture both hip flexors and a lumbar disc. As a personal trainer it was vital for her to return to full health but, after nearly 2 years, she was still finding that running was causing her pain. After 3 Amatsu balances she forwarded the following text:

"I''ve now done two 4 mile runs since our last session. The improvement is simply amazing! I'm unbelievably grateful and wish that I'd seen you straight off as being able to train again is, and will continue to, benefit me physically and mentally. Hugest heartfelt thanks; things can only get better for me now .....which is simply priceless."

Angi had also had urinary issues since the age of 4 and, at the start of treatment, was experiencing painful cystitis at least twice a week. After her sessions which included gentle balancing work on the bladder, the cystitis improved dramatically with only 2 episodes in 2 months both times during periods of stress.

                                                                               Angi Patrick, personal trainer, aged 27.

Hip pain
“When I first started seeing Annie my main concern was the intermittent pain in my right hip. At its worst the pain was referring down my right leg.

Almost immediately after my first Amatsu session I noticed more flexibility in the hip joint. After 3 sessions I noticed a real reduction in the frequency of pain and, if symptoms do appear after physical work such as gardening, they don’t last.

I continue to see Annie approximately every 6 weeks as a preventative treatment. My aim is to keep good mobility as long as possible.”

                                                                                                        Elizabeth W, aged 66.

Groin pain/hip restriction (horse-rider)
Julie had had pains in her right hip and decreased range of movement for around 6 months. When she was riding her new young horse she felt restriction in opening her right hip and could only ride supported  by painkillers.
After 3 sessions of physiotherapy there was no real improvement. Annie assessed that the lack of improvement was hampered by a restriction around the ileo-caecal valve in her lower right abdomen. After her first treatment Julie was also advised to reduce her caffeine and sugar intake.
Julie was pain free for 5 days immediately after this first session and was able to ride again without pain at the end of the week.
Julie continues to have a maintenance session if she has any concerns that her hip is tightening again.

                                                                                        Julie Harris, equestrian, aged 47


Knee injury
“I injured my knee during a sledging accident. After a lot of physiotherapy, it was improved but still painful on walks. After just 2 sessions of Amatsu I managed an active holiday on rough ground with a stable knee and no pain.”                        
                                                                                                                   F.C, aged 40.

Shoulder/upper back pain
Kate, a local journalist, had to give up running at her local club as the pains in her shoulder and upper back were proving too much. The problem had been getting worse for about 6 months. She reported her Amatsu treatment in The Bucks Herald in April 2011:

"I have a GCSE in science , I know my organs are there, but until my introduction to the ancient therapy of Amatsu , I had preferred not to go looking for them in my upper torso. But as Annie announces that the ileocaecal valve in my stomach could be contributing to the restriction in my shoulder and proceeds to rearrange it through my clothing, I'm suddenly very aware of my insides....
Now my muscles have been gently realigned I can roll my shoulder back for the first time in six months. I had blamed my pains on desk work but, after an hour with Annie, I realise that if you have a pain in one place it is often solved by looking elsewhere."

Kate only recieved the one treatment before returning to her club and running regularly again several times a week.

                                                                                  Kate Dobinson,journalist, aged 22.

Shoulder pain (15 minute treatment)

James is a fit 13 year old who swims in a competitive club 5-6 days per week. He was complaining of shoulder pain for 2 weeks having "pulled" his arm while playing with friends and knew it was affecting his swimming. Amatsu assessment revealed he was also restricted in his neck. Timings only allowed a 15 minute treatment. A text from his mother a few days later reports: "He is swimming really well again and feels much better. Thank you so much, it is really evident that its made a difference to him. Amatsu is amazing!"                                                                                  James Brindley, aged 13.

Headaches/persistant coughing/ arthritis in hands
Julie came to Annie suffering night time headaches and was also worried about a persistant cough with no apparent medical cause. As a hairdresser she was also beginning to suffer early arthritic symptoms in her hands .
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I've had a good week - barely any coughing, a steady heart rate and a much better head! I am so grateful to you all round, my arthritis is barely noticeable now, also thanks to the Cortaflex, and I feel better than I have in a long time."
                                                                                   Julie Smee, hairdresser, aged 48.

Bedwetting in a 12 year old
H, our 12 year old daughter, had been suffering from day and night time bladder control problems on and off for several years, although she had been completely dry from quite a young age. We had tried the conventional treatments offered by the NHS including night time alarms and medication. Nothing was working and she was suffering mentally through worrying about the condition and her control, or lack of, which we feel was contributing to the problem. The doctors at the hospital had written her off! It was affecting her social life and school trips were a serious no-go for fear of embarrassment and ridicule. We approached Annie as our local Bowen practitioner (having read on the internet that the therapy could help bedwetting issues) and were also aware of her Amatsu expertise, plus she is so approachable!
Annie took a full history during the first consultation and decided to firstly try Amatsu on H to check her balance and alignment. After two treatments to re-align her, she appeared to be 'holding'. We had progressed from 2 out of 7 dry nights to 5 out of 7. Day time wetting and the urgency to go had disappeared almost immediately.
Annie then treated H using Bowen. The big test for us was a 2 week holiday. We have now been back over a week and we have only had 'damp' PJ's twice! Annie has given confidence back to H and we will be eternally grateful! The other benefit is that H suffers from eczema and asthma and there has been a marked improvement for H in respect of both these conditions. Her peak flow rate has gone up due to increased lung capacity. It is now measuring 330.
Annie, we really are grateful for all that you have done for her and so is my washing machine!!