The 'Godai'

        "Raise the spirit of the person and you will bring out the wellness"

Dr Masaaki Hatsumi



During an Amatsu session the practitioner will take into consideration other lifestyle elements which may be contributing to your condition. This is in line with the Amatsu philosophy that 5 major forces interact together to affect our health, known as “The Godai”- the “Big Five.”

These are as follows:
• Physical:  bones, muscles, ligaments etc.
• Electrical: nervous and energy systems, meridian pathways.
• Chemical: hormones, digestive system, nutrition.
• Emotional: thought process, emotions, beliefs, values.
• Environmental: where, when and how you do what you do. Influences of work and family.

As Positive Health introduces their clients to the potential influences of the Godai it gives them a tool to assess their own lives. They can “help themselves” by instigating changes where they may be useful and which can help maintain their own health.