Treatment details

At your first session your practitioner will take a detailed medical history.  They will also consider any background factors which may be influencing your condition. For more information see The Godai.

An assessment will be carried out using observation, muscle testing, palpation and orthopaedic tests. The practitioner will consider spinal dynamics and soft tissue tensions, including the organs, to build up a very complete picture of what may be the root cause of an issue. Your body can then be encouraged back into a position where it can begin to heal naturally. Generally the client remains lightly clothed but in certain instances they may be requested to remove some upper layers for observation purposes.

Techniques used include anma (push-pull) massage, gentle joint realignment, stimulation of acupressure points, visceral manipulation and cranial to sacral balancing.   

It is not unusual to feel different straight away, although some people feel changes continue over the following days as the body readjusts. Some people feel tired; others have a burst of energy.

Your practitioner will discuss with you the ways that you can help maintain your own health and any requirements for future treatment. After experiencing the thorough nature of Amatsu many people choose to come for regular balances. This pattern will encourage good posture, an ongoing reduction in pain and stiffness and general balance of body systems. 
The Amatsu process will help you understand your own body and its demands.

Before treatment

• Ensure your body is well-hydrated by drinking sufficient water.
• Wear loose clothing such as sports wear or soft trousers (no jeans please)
• Switch off your mobile telephone before entering the clinic room.

Aftercare advice

In order to maximise the benefits of treatment we advise the following:

• Drink plenty of water over the next few days to encourage the removal of toxins and        hydrate the body to assist the healing process.
• Minimize (or avoid if advised) caffeine, sugar, alcohol, spicy food.
• Gentle exercise such as walking is beneficial but avoid strenuous activity, gym work or heavy lifting for 3 days.