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New courses starting Monday 17th September - see below for full details.

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In November 2016 new figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that dementia is now the leading cause of death in England and Wales.   There isn’t a week that passes where Alzheimer’s or dementia is not in the news – a new drug offers hope, a new drug has failed, a well-loved celebrity has the disease, a therapy has shown promise. Nevertheless, although over 244 drugs have been approved for dementia, they have failed to make any real, lasting difference, other than perhaps some short term symptom improvement.

However in 2014, Professor Dale Bredesen, who has spent his life in Alzheimer’s research, published a landmark paper “Reversal of Cognitive Decline: A novel therapeutic program.”, in which he discussed how he had reversed cognitive decline in more than 90% of his patients using a combination of diet and lifestyle changes.  

Professor Bredesen likens Alzheimer’s pathology to a ‘roof with many holes’. There are dozens of biological mechanisms that need to be brought into balance to return a person to health.  Monotherapy (single agent drug therapy) plugs just one of these holes, however, one needs to plug a good number of the holes to have any chance of improving the condition. This latter approach equates to a multiple therapeutic approach, identifying and addressing the areas of imbalance.

The Brain Health Programme has been developed by Cytoplan based on Professor Bredesen’s work, and the FINGER study in Finland along with other cutting edge research that both indicate that diet, nutrition and lifestyle can help people optimise their cognitive health. 


What is the The Brain Health Programme?

Whilst Alzheimer’s and dementia may be diagnosed in our 70’s or 80’s, the processes that  eventually result in dementia occur much earlier – in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. The Brain Health Programme is for people BEFORE they develop dementia;  it is an upstream workshop programme based on the diet and lifestyle elements of the Bredesen Protocol™. The Brain Health Programme is being delivered by Cytoplan Licensed Nutritional Therapists to small groups of the general public through a series of 6 workshops.

The workshops are designed to help people engage with each aspect of the programme and understand what they need to do to optimise cognitive function, thus the workshops cover: Nutrition, Gut Health, Stress, Sleep; Exercise & Brain Training. A homestudy module – the Self Care Journey – runs alongside the workshops and is designed to support the change process. 

Introductory Talks

 - Monday 30th July 2018 - Amersham Community Centre 7.30 pm   - Click here 

 - Wednesday 5th September 2018 - Wendover Library 7.30 pm - Click here

New Courses Starting

 - Monday 17th September 2018 3-5pm Wendover Library x 6 consecutive Mondays

 - Monday 17th September 2018 7-9pm x 6 consecutive Mondays

Course Cost £225.00 per person

 - please email to reserve a place.

 What is The Brain Health Programme?

The Brain Health Programme is a diet and lifestyle nutrition coaching programme, delivered by Nicola Smith, a qualified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  The programme aims to optimise cognitive health using techniques that have been shown in research to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. You attend weekly meetings for 6 weeks covering the following topics that have all been shown in research as important for brain health:


-       MIND What You Eat - nutrition for brain health

-       Gut Health     

-       Stress Management

-       Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

-       Exercise and 

-       Brain Training


Talks, activities and discussion at meetings show how to make and sustain lifelong food and lifestyle choices to improve health.

Coaching –of course we don’t just eat because we are hungry – being bored, upset and the sight of food can all cause us to eat, sometimes hijacking our good intentions and causing us to make poor food choices and overeat. The programme will start you on the journey towards understanding and changing your relationship with food with the goal of helping you make long-term, sustainable behaviour changes.
Why join The Brain Health Programme?

If you are concerned about your risk of cognitive decline now or in the future. Perhaps because you have noticed brain fog, poor memory or concentration, struggle with mood and motivation or maybe you have a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

How can I book a place?

To book a place on the next programme starting on Monday 17th September 2018 please contact Nicola on 07749 881081 or email

The cost of the programme is £225 per person, including workbooks.

 On receipt of your booking email, you will be sent a short Health Assessment Questionnaire to complete and return prior to the start of the programme – this is to tell me your goals, any specific health problems or symptoms you are experiencing, medication you are taking and to give me an indication of your current diet and food preferences. All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence and not shared during the meetings, unless you choose to do so.
The Options
The programme can be completed as

i)              a ‘food only’ option or

ii)             ‘food plus supplements’. The supplements offered as part of this programme comprise a ‘basic protocol’;

iii)             if individual specific advice is needed this can be provided in a one-to-one consultation (at an additional cost).

You can decide when you attend the first meeting which option you would like to follow. Supplements can be a very useful addition and help bridge the ‘nutrition gap’. However, food choice is always the most important factor for overall health.

The Dates
You attend meetings on the 6 dates

Wendover Library - Monday 3-5pm – 17, 24 September, 1, 8, 15, 22 October

Amersham Community Centre Monday 7-9pm - 17, 24 September, 1, 8, 15, 22 October