Nutrition and Wellbeing

Our Nutrition and Wellbeing programmes have been designed to help you reach your target weight and your optimum health.  Looking good and feeling great is about more than just the number on the bathroom scales. It is about glowing skin, shiny hair, sparkling eyes and a feeling of lightness and energy, strength and confidence.
For most of us balancing blood sugar is the key to unlocking a future free from worrying about excess weight and poor health.  Each of us will have different  requirements depending on our metabolism and activity levels. Once you reach your goal we aim to show you how to remain there – not by a lifetime of obsession and deprivation but by helping you make the right choices to be the best you can be.
We firmly believe that food is to be enjoyed and that a little of what you fancy does you good – and that eating delicious and nutritious food should be a pleasure not a chore.

One to One Coaching Programme

The PositiveHealth one to one programme usually takes place over 6 weeks with four fortnightly individual consultations each lasting one hour (although the first may be a little longer). 
The core of the programme is to teach the principles of blood sugar management and help the individual put this into practice given their own likes and dislikes.
Designed to provide the highest level of support and personalisation, the programme also includes:
·         Nutrition and Wellbeing Assessment
·         Personalised recommendations & menu planning
·         Health & weight loss topics , such as digestion, bone health, exercise, motivation, supplements, overcoming cravings, heart health. These will be tailored to the individual
·         Coaching sessions to help overcome cravings and other barriers to healthy eating
·         Course workbook and Personal Development Record 
·         Weighing and measuring of body fat with Tanita Body Composition Analyser
·         Motivation, guidance, support and ongoing progress coaching throughout programme
This programme has a very high success rate for helping clients improve their lives; with the combination of health education and motivational coaching, clients achieve significant weight loss with added health benefits such as greater energy, healthier looking skin, greater mental alertness, better mood, improved digestion, reduced headaches and migraines and improved hormonal health.
The current programme fee is £249.00 and sessions can be arranged at your convenience at either the Bagnall Centre in Chesham or in South Heath.
For ongoing support after your One to one programme we offer a regular 'drop in' to help you stay on track and deal with any challenges as they arise.