Results of Chesham Diet Trial

Trial Held April/May 2012   

Data below from 24 participants on the zest4life programme who completed the evaluation questionnaire after 4 weeks.
Total Weight lost                              162lbs - (that’s a whole person!)
Average loss                                      6 ¾ lbs per person
Greatest loss Male                                               11 lbs
Greatest loss Female                                           11 lbs
13 people (54%) lost 7 lbs or more
5 people (20%) lost 10 lbs or more
100% of group saw health score and blood sugar score improve – in most cases dramatically
88% felt stress levels improved and the remaining 12% felt they stayed the same
88% reported improved energy and this was frequently commented on
92% said sleep quality improved
66% noticed improvement in skin quality and several commented specifically
100% reported reduced cravings
80% reported improvements in digestion
Other health improvements noted include –
-     Decreasing joint pain
-     Better flexibility  
-     No sciatic pain
-     More energy
-     Waking up refreshed
-     Skin and hair better condition
-     Less bloating
-     More ‘regular’ bowels
-     No IBS pain
-     Psoriasis improved 
 -     Spots gone