Seminars, Talks and Events

 In order to spread the word about Positive Health and power of nutrition, Nicola holds various seminars throughout the year on various topics.    Click on the title for more information

How to Get More Years from Your Life and Life from Your Years!

 - What is a good diet and how to eat for good health and healthy ageing including protecting the          joints, heart and brain function

Lose Weight, Look Great, Feel Fantastic!   

  - Learn the secret to successful long term weight loss and good health, by balancing blood sugar, lose     your cravings and protect yourself from type 2 diabetes,

Female Health

  - Optimum nutrition for women with an emphasis on PMS and a Positive Menopause, including stress     management and osteoporosis

Man Maintenance

  - Optimum nutrition for men with an emphasis on cardiovascular health, diabetes, stress and               prostate health

 Eat Your Way to Health and Happiness -  20th October 2016 click here for more details

  -  Looking at the alarming increase in rates of depression and dementia, learn how to boost your          energy and brain power, and protect your mental health.

Nicola recently gave a talk on the benefits and uses of Nutritional therapy to approximately 100 6th formers at Dr Challoners High School, which was very well received and generated lots of fantastic questions, and which she hopes will lead to a greater interest in Nutrition amongst those students planning for a medical career.