"I have never lost so much weight in such a short time despite eating more than normal. The key for me was making small eating changes to my diet which had a big impact on my weight and energy levels. This made it much easier as I did not just have to rely on will power alone. I have a thiroid problem which makes weight loss harder but Nicola's knowledge and continued support have made it possible. I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants to lose weight and generally get fit and have more energy."

Jill Ellison.


‘I have had another very good week following the eating plan and I have increased my exercise of walking, regardless of the weather, 30 minutes - 45 minutes per day. The pain of my arthritis in my hands and wrists has virtually disappeared and I am feeling amazingly good about being lighter and more energetic. I have found the whole thing really easy and logical. I am never hungry between meals. I no longer have that draggy, sluggish feeling either, so all is going very well from my perspective.’
Mrs F. Chesham after 2 weeks on the programme
‘I found the 5 week trial very rewarding. Re-educating me in terms of what foods do what, had a significant impact on how I viewed my own food intake. I don’t normally suffer cravings and just being given the right direction is enough to motivate me. The balance between the practical application of nutritional therapy was exactly right’
Mr A Chesham lost 10lbs in 4 weeks on the programme
‘A way of losing weight that really works and once you get used to it, really is life changing. I feel much more energetic. The cravings for bread have gone and I feel it’s something I can and will continue.’
Mrs M Chesham, lost 8 lbs in 4 weeks
‘Lovely tutor with a perfect approach.   Informative and intelligent without being judgemental or patronising. Really enjoyed every piece of information on offer.   An excellent experience just perfect in every way.’
Mrs F Chesham, lost 10 lbs in 4 weeks
‘I am amazed at how quickly I feel more energised! Only 4 weeks into the programme I notice I am getting up in the morning feeling awake. I have lost 8lb and 3.5 inches on my waist – I’m really keen to carry on with the plan’
Mrs R Chesham
‘After a couple of weeks I felt so different, had a bounce in my step, my limbs were looser. Felt really good.’
Mrs R Chesham, lost 5 lbs in 4 weeks 
‘ Lost 9lbs in 4 weeks – has felt relatively easy.    Feel good about exercising and managing to fit it in on a regular basis – no excuses!’
Mrs M Chesham
‘Very useful from not only a weight loss perspective but from a healthy living one too! A very positive experience which I look forward to continuing. Nicola is very knowledgeable, approachable and happy to answer everyone’s questions.’
Mrs F. Chesham , lost 6lbs in 4 weeks
‘I feel 100% better just after the 4 week trial, can’t wait to see what happens in the next 7 weeks and for the rest of my life.’
Mrs E, Chesham, lost 8.5lbs in 4 weeks.
‘I lost 5kg (11lb) and I feel great.   I don’t feel I am on a diet but just eating healthily and excercising more. It’s the first time I understand how I should eat a healthy diet, lose weight and feel great. Thank you for this great opportunity I’ll recommend to everyone!’
Mrs H. Chesham, lost 11lbs in 4 weeks
‘Really believe in the concept and great to have the knowledge and support. I feel much better and more informed with regard to blood sugars and food choices.’
Mrs H. Chesham, lost 8.5lbs in 4 weeks.
‘Over the last 10 years I have been really struggling with waking up refreshed, my energy levels and my mood. This is all changing and I can’t wait to carry on the programme to see a much healthier happier me.   The last 2 weeks I didn’t need to go back to bed of have a nap when I have done it for ages!    Clear information – great support from Nicola – realistic, motivatining, focussed on health not just weight.’
Mrs M. Chesham, lost 5lbs in 4 weeks.
‘I am delighted to find I have lost 10lbs over these 4 weeks, the most I have ever lost on a diet, but more than that I now have less bloating, no IBS pain, a much healthier attitude to my diet and have learnt a huge amount.’
Mrs W.  Chesham
‘I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the trial, and it has been good both educationally and socially too. I am now retrained to eat more of the good stuff and substitute the bad.   I am gradually losing weight and inches without starving myself for a change!! My skin is much clearer and I feel more confident and awake!!’
Mrs N. Chesham
‘I’ve found it a great help, it’s so sensible and logical. I really notice the difference now if I have something high GL. Really easy to follow the information, Nicola made it very interesting. ‘
Ms P.   Chesham
‘Great education. Success in first 2 weeks (6lb loss),not carried through for full 4 weeks largely down to weekend events.   I however feel confident that over a longer period I can achieve significant weight improvements.’
Mr R. Chesham
‘As a heavy weight starter I have found the diet easy to follow and am not hungry at all! I am in for the long haul and looking forward to see what I look like after 11 weeks if the last 4 are anything to go by. I can’t believe how many inches I have lost from my middle!’
Mrs M. Chesham lost 7lbs in 4 weeks
‘It’s nice to attend an intelligent nutrition class, it has introduced me to the Bagnall Centre which I love.  It is like going to a weekly lecture about nutrition and health with the extra benefit of a weigh in!!’
Mrs B. Chesham
‘My skin has improved dramatically.   I no longer have spots on my back.   I feel a lot more energised throughout the day and plan more what to eat daily.’
Mr Q. Chesham lost 13 lbs in 4 weeks
‘Weight loss steady, more motivated, feel more energy, given up most caffeine (max 3 per week) and diet coke – unbelievable! Good support all through course.   Several people commented on how much better I look – even my mother!’
Mrs C. Chesham   lost 4.5 lbs in 4 weeks
‘Very good programme. Very helpful in looking at a different way of healthy eating that didn’t involve fads, counting calories etc..   Nicola presented well and was kind and helpful providing good advice and guidance.’
Rev. W. Chesham lost 7lb in 4 weeks
‘Loved the fact that individual weight loss/gains were not read out.   Loved the medical aspect and powerpoint presentations.   Like the small group tasks. I need to know why things work and this gave me the answers.   Liked having an agenda each week.   So different to other weight loss ‘clubs’ if have attended in the past.   It has made me really think about my health not just about how I look.’
Mrs H. Chesham