The Consultation

On making an appointment you will receive a health questionnaire – usually by email – to be completed and returned in advance of the consultation.   This will request details of your symptoms and concerns, medical history, current use of medication and supplements and a food diary.

The initial consultation will take approximately 90 minutes and begin with a discussion on your objectives, symptom picture and case history.   If appropriate we will also use the Tanita Body Composition Monitor to look at weight, body fat and metabolism.
We will then use all of this information to agree an individual programme with you to meet your needs and based on your likes and dislikes and your lifestyle. You will then receive a perosnalised programme which may include a food plan, menu suggestions, supplement prescription and handouts to take away.  
Follow up appointments are usually 45 minutes and include a further body composition assessment so you can monitor your improvement.   The frequency would depend on the nature of condition and the client's goals.  This is also an opportunity to review the programme to date, discuss any challenges and progress the treatment plan.  Many people like yearly or 6 monthly appointments to keep their health on track and address any imbalances before they lead to a symptom picture.