The Bowen Technique

“ If I could describe Bowen therapy in one sentence I would say that it is not massage, acupressure or acupuncture, nor is it energy healing or reiki, but it embraces some aspects of each of these methods, making it a unique method of its own and often yielding impressive results.”
                     Frank Navratil, BSC, Naturopath, nutritionist, iridologist and Bowen therapist

The Bowen Technique is recognised as one of the most gentle, but far reaching, soft-tissue remedial therapies. It has been found to be beneficial for a very wide range of conditions, both muscular skeletal and internal, systemic problems. Bowen's unique style means that it often prompts results where other therapies have failed in the past.

Annie has been offering Bowen therapy in Buckinghamshire since 2006. . Her treatment reviews the whole body as a global unit. By working on overall balance, it is common not just for the immediate concern to ease but also for ancillary aches and pains to disappear during the course of treatment.

Most well-known physical therapies focus on continuous contact with the client, whether it is massage, adjustment, stretch or machines.
The unique feature of Bowen is that, during a treatment, it combines sets of work on the body with structured ‘rest breaks’. The physical work is tailored to the individual’s particular issues.  The rest breaks give the brain and body time to act on each set of instructions and address its functional problems.

Research has shown that the slow measured pace of Bowen work initiates a regulation process to occur in the nervous system. As it affects the Autonomic Nervous System which regulates 80% of our body systems (e.g. digestive, circulatory) changes can be noticed on many levels from a cellular level upwards. Hence it prompts a rebalance of both structure and internal systems which can, in turn, promote pain relief, relaxation, recovery and repair.

Further Benefits of Bowen

  • Releases muscular and nervous tension, helping joint mobility and prompting pain relief.    
  • Excellent results with stress-related conditions.
  • Promotes the balance of energy levels in the body.
  • Can ease breathing, respiratory and sinus problems. Excellent results with asthma.
  • Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • It can revitalise the immune system which, itself, is often responsible for variety of pain and inflammation in the body, high levels of toxins, stress, anxiety or depression.
  • Bowen can be very effective in dealing with anxiety, depression and stress with clients often reporting a renewed clarity of mind and ability to make decisions.

It is often described as a therapy which ‘reaches the parts that others cannot reach’; clients who have received other treatments to no effect often find that Bowen has the subtle ability to treat their condition. Can Bowen help me?

The simplicity and effectiveness of the work accounts for its increasing popularity and has led many chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and sports therapists to add it to their portfolio.

In 2010 The Bowen Technique was accepted as a member of the CNHC, The Complementary and Natural Healthcare council. This is the new UK regulatory body, set up, in the public interest, to regulate complementary health professionals.