Pregnancy, babies and children


If you are struggling to conceive or just want to get your body in good receptive shape before conception it makes sense to give your pelvis, body and systems a gentle balance.
Bowen therapists have procedures which may help regulate a cycle and prepare the body for conception. There are lots of reports of ‘Bowen babies’ among the therapist community…
Bowen is the perfect choice to relax brain and body during pregnancy. It is very helpful with general aches and pains as ligaments change, especially back ache.
Regular Bowen in the run–up to birth is very relaxing and helps to prepare the pelvis for birth.
Treatments are carried out in light clothing, side-lying if more comfortable for the mother.
Positional problems/Breech baby
There have been many reports of babies turning during or after Bowen work.
Baby colic or distressed baby
Bowen is so helpful and babies so responsive, after consultation, hands-on time is around 10 minutes.
Betsy aged 14 months
“Betsy had bronchiolitis aged 5 weeks old and was left with a bad cough which would go to her chest when she was ill or teething. She also seemed to be a very unhappy child, never settled and lots of crying. I was recommended to see Annie and I cannot believe the difference in Betsy. After just one session she changed overnight, no coughing and seems so much more content, slept through the night and would wake happy in the morning instead of screaming the house down.”
Children, like babies, respond well to Bowen. So much so, that there are 33 Bowen Children’s clinics running around the country.  For more stories see the Facebook page ‘Bowen children’s clinic network’
Some of the conditions have responded well include asthma, behavioural problems, chest infections, digestive issues, bedwetting, ’growing pains’, headaches, stress and anxiety.
Childhood asthma
Bowen has proved especially useful at reducing asthma symptoms and attacks in children. 
There are websites providing more information: 
Marcus aged 9.
“Marcus suffered from regular asthma attacks triggered by tree pollen or sometimes just a cough.  In April 2012 he had an extreme attack and was hospitalised. In August Marcus had his first visit to Annie. He was treated and taught an ‘emergency move’ to perform if he felt wheezy and didn’t have his inhaler which he uses to good effect. He had 2 top-up sessions and since then, by choice, has not used his preventor steroid medication or indeed suffered an asthma attack.”
Children and young adults qulaify for reduced consultation fees :
Under 2’s          £25.00/£20.00
Under 18’s          £30.00