Bowen testimonials

“The treatment has given me renewed energy and vigour. I’ve got my life back.”
                Sue B, aged 63.

Bowen “when you are feeling under-par”
"I have been amazed by the diverse benefits of Bowen treatments. The physical complaints began to lessen after the first treatment but the shift in my emotions was incredible. Whereas I had started the treatments feeling very ‘down’, a couple of days after the first one the change was noticeable to many people. Add to this the total relaxation from being pampered, the effects are just brilliant! Thank you, Annie. "                                                                       

                                                                                             Rowena Templeman, aged 51.

Back Pain/sciatica
Jenny, an ex- nurse, had had intermittent lumbar pain over the years. 2 days before coming for her 1st Bowen session she had a flare up with suspected bulging intervertebral disc, muscle spasm and constant painful sciatica. After just 2 sessions she was already feeling “much better”.

“After a little discomfort I slept a whole night awakening with no pain and have never really looked back! It has helped my whole well-being and I feel more upright than I have been for many months.”                              
                                                                                             Jenny H, ex-nurse, aged 65.
Bowen for sports
“When I was training hard for the London marathon I found Bowen therapy a wonderful way of keeping my muscles relaxed and lengthened. When I was running my 20+ miles on Sundays I was already looking forward to my Bowen session the following day!”

                                                Liz, (Pilates, swimming and trampolining instructor), aged 48.

Frozen shoulder
3 years previously Bryan had injured his shoulder during a fall. After many other therapeutic treatments, including manipulation under anaesthetic, he still could not move his shoulder above the horizontal. After just 2 sessions and gentle exercises his shoulder released and, much to his surprise, he regained full mobility. He is delighted to “be able to wash my hair again and return to DIY."                                                                                 
                                                                                                            Bryan R, aged 73.

"As a yoga teacher and nutritionist I was concerned when my right shoulder developed stiffness. I was recommended to visit Annie for Bowen and Amatsu therapy. In the first session I regained the strength in my right arm. This was followed with a second session 8 days later. Before the appointment Annie tested my arm and there was restricted lateral movement. I could barely lift my arm above shoulder height. An hour later virtually full mobility was restored and has been maintained. The shoulder is still 'twinging' a little but I am confident that this will recover given time. The therapy provided by Annie has been instrumental in promoting healing."

                                                              Jenny Phillips,nutritionist and yoga teacher, aged 46.

Michelle came for treatment for a painful shoulder from an incident 6 weeks previously. After 3 sessions the pain had gone completely but she was more pleased (and surprised!) that her ankle, which had had restricted movement for over a year released and returned to full mobility.
“I didn’t even tell Annie about my ankle problem as I assumed that was the way it was going to stay….”
                                                                        Michelle Finnegan, aged 42.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Karen had had CFS for around 11 years with widespread joint and muscle pain, poor sleep and daily fatigue. After her 1st session she slept through the night all week and had immediate alleviation in her pain levels. After 3 sessions she described the pain as “negligible” and her energy and concentration much improved. She continued to have maintenance sessions until she was posted elsewhere with her job in the forces.
                                                                                                             Karen H, aged 34.
Painful arm
“The doctor had said that he could do no more for me as the ligaments had been damaged. It was very painful and I even had difficulty lifting a kettle. I only saw Annie for 1 session before the pain started to ease and movement began to return. It was quite miraculous really…!”
                             Bertie I, aged 82.

Headaches, back neck and shoulder pain.
S, a keen horse rider, suffered constant mild headaches and pain running down her neck across the shoulder. She had also had constant low-level pain in her thoracic spine since the age of 12. After a course of treatment her back pain disappeared completely, headaches and neck/shoulder pain now only manifest on the odd occasion.

Sara-Jane Stillwell, aged 18.

“I have suffered with migraines since my teenage years controlling them with drugs. I was recommended to see Annie by a friend. I had a course of therapy and the migraines have definitely become far less frequent and I have long periods of respite. Bowen also seems to help my general aches and pains.” 
                                                                                 Barbara C, aged 50.

A, had had arthritis for around 20 years, particularly hip and ankle. She arrived after a flare-up, leaving her “hobbling” when walking the dog. Bowen treatment resulted in and increase in energy, a feeling of being “cleansed” and return to striding out when walking the dog.
                                                                                                            Audrey C, aged 77.

Baby 'colic'

Molly Bright suffered bronchiolitis as a young baby and had been colicky and tetchy since birth.

"I took Molly to see Annie when she was 8 weeks old when I heard that The Bowen Technique had been known to treat colicky babies. I only wish I had discovered this with my son two years previously! She went from screaming for 4/5 hours non-stop of an evening to settling like a dream. The results were instant and we've not looked back since. Molly is happier and calmer, as is mummy! I cannot recommend this enough!"

                                                                                                  Molly Bright, aged 8 weeks

Baby Nell, aged 6 weeks, had always proved fretful to feed and difficult to wind. Her grandmother has Bowen therapy regularly and suggested to her daughter that she try Bowen for her baby. After just one 10 minute session Nell's mother was delighted to report that she had increased her milk intake to a regular 5 oz and was easier to wind. She was also more settled in the evening and consistently sleeping from 10.30 until 6.00am.                                                  

                                                                                                      Nell, aged 6 weeks.

Childhood asthma

“Marcus suffered from regular asthma attacks triggered by tree pollen or sometimes just an ordinary cough.  In April 2012 he had a particularly bad attack and was hospitalised.  The nebuliser barely helped this time and it was very scary.  In August, Marcus visited Annie for  an initial assessment and treatment.  During this session (amongst many other things) Marcus was taught an “emergency move” to perform if he ever felt wheezy and didn’t have his inhaler.  Marcus has used this several times to great effect, especially when running too fast in the cold air.  Marcus had “top up” sessions with Annie in the following October and February and since then has not used his “preventer” steroid medication or indeed suffered an asthma attack.”            

                                                                                                Marcus Cunningham, aged 9

Bedwetting/asthma in a 12 year old
"H, our 12 year old daughter, had been suffering from day and night time bladder control problems on and off for several years, although she had been completely dry from quite a young age. We had tried the conventional treatments offered by the NHS including night time alarms and medication. Nothing was working and she was suffering mentally through worrying about the condition and her control, or lack of, which we feel was contributing to the problem. The doctors at the hospital had written her off! It was affecting her social life and school trips were a serious no-go for fear of embarrassment and ridicule. We approached Annie as our local Bowen practitioner (having read on the internet that the therapy could help bedwetting issues) and were also aware of her Amatsu expertise, plus she is so approachable!
Annie took a full history during the first consultation and decided to firstly try Amatsu on H to check her balance and alignment. After two treatments to re-align her, she appeared to be 'holding'. We had progressed from 2 out of 7 dry nights to 5 out of 7. Day time wetting and the urgency to go had disappeared almost immediately.
Annie then treated H using Bowen. The big test for us was a 2 week holiday. We have now been back over a week and we have only had 'damp' PJ's twice! Annie has given confidence back to H and we will be eternally grateful! The other benefit is that H suffers from eczema and asthma and there has been a marked improvement for H in respect of both these conditions. Her peak flow rate has gone up due to increased lung capacity. It is now measuring 330.
Annie, we really are grateful for all that you have done for her and so is my washing machine!!"

Plantar Fasciitis/ Insomnia/ Ankylosing sponylitis
Although a long-term sufferer of ankylosing spondylitis, it was debilitating plantar fasciitis that prompted Lynne to come to clinic. She had had the condition for around 3 years.  Pain was often described as 8/10 and Lynne could not stand on the affected foot. During assessment Annie also established that Lynne had severe sleep problems ; for as long a she can remember sleeping only between 15 minutes to 1 hour each night, with 2 ½ hours  being considered ‘a good night’.
Bowen therapy was an obvious tool to calm the stressed nervous system and promote sleep to allow the body to start its healing process. The night of her first session Lynne slept for 6 1/2 hours! Over the next 2 weeks her foot pain began to improve and her back pain was less evident. After 3 weeks Lynne noticed a ‘turning point’ where her regular back pains were noticeably less evident and foot so improved she  managed a 4 mile walk, played football with her charges for 45 minutes and stood at an event for 5 1/2 hours.

Lynne had a total of 5 sessions. Around 2 months later Lynne reported that she was generally sleeping an average of 7-8 hours per night.
My heel is much better than I ever remembered. In the morning I can walk to the bathroom as opposed to hobble and cling onto the furniture. At the end of the day the throbbing, sensitivity and sharp pain is non-existent. Thank you so much!”                   
                                                                                         Lynne Coxon, nanny, aged 37.

Morton's Neuroma (foot pain)
" Each time I've had a Bowen Treatment there's been a step change in the improvement of my Morton's neuroma condition. From a self-assessed pain level of 6/10 before receiving any treatment I am delighted to report that yesterday - the day following my 3rd session - I walked 6 miles with absolutely no discomfort from the affected foot whatsoever and this morning, for the first time in months, got up and felt no pain at all. It means so much to me and the prospects for the active enjoyment of my retirement. Long may it continue.

Thank you so much Annie -  I shall have no hesitatation in recommending you to anyone experiencing such a condition."                                                         Richard Hope-Smith

Update from Richard 4 months later:
" What pain? What Morton's neuroma?! i'm very pleased to report that I still get no discomfort whatsoever and consider the above condition gone. I'm fully participating in all my walking, sporting and dancing activities."