Treatment details

What happens during a treatment?
A Bowen treatment will last approximately 1 hour including consultation. A patient may generally remain clothed in light sports-type clothing (no jeans or thick material) although at times your practitioner may request removal of some upper layers to study the body in more detail or apply certain moves.
She will take a full medical history and carry out a clinical assessment as appropriate.

The patient is asked to relax on the couch while groups of moves interspersed with rest breaks are carried out.
It is important to note that a person who has problems with lying supine or prone, e.g. wheelchair uses, those with acute back pain, or during pregnancy, may be treated seated or side-lying.

For certain conditions simple exercises may be given to the patient to use between sessions.

How many sessions are required?
Often 3- 4  sessions about 7 – 10 days apart are recommended. However many people experience an improvement in just 1 session, especially after a recent injury. After the first week it is up to the practitioner and client to decide if further treatments would be necessary or beneficial. In general, steady work to ‘unpeel’ the layers to causal level will result in a more complete healing and reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence and reinjury. With chronic conditions several sessions may be needed to obtain and maintain positive results.

Sessions need to be scheduled around any activities that may aggravate a muscular condition. It is important not to have any other manipulative treatment during a course of Bowen therapy as this can confuse the healing patterns which Bowen has set in motion.


In general prevention is always better than cure. Clients who come for maintenance sessions at regular intervals notice a reduction in illness, pain and stress levels.

What ages and conditions can Bowen treat?
The gentle nature of Bowen therapy means that it is suitable for all ages from babies to the elderly.
Whatever the issue the patient and their body is treated as a whole rather than for any presenting symptoms with the aim being to return to the root cause of the problem.
Its relaxing quality and impact on the nervous system means that The Bowen Technique is especially good for treating stress and stress-induced muscular problems. It is excellent for those unable to take much treatment such as ME and fibromyalgia sufferers. Working down to a systemic level it also helps sufferers of conditions such as migraine, digestive disorders, asthma, high/low blood pressure and many more.  Can Bowen help me?