Physical therapy

Why do we need physical therapy?

It is widely acknowledged that our bodies have an inherent ability to recover from trauma, whether physical or emotional. A body will always endeavour to maintain, or return to, a healthy, balanced state.

When the body experiences disturbance -  trauma, surgery, chronic overuse or even a lack of purposeful exercise - structural compensations (misalignments) and weaknesses often develop. With misalignment there is a greater susceptibility to injury and pain.
The body then struggles to complete its healing cycle and becomes stuck and unable to heal totally, remaining fixed in a “bad pattern.” The stresses of modern life often compound the problem and, although the body will strive to keep going, warning signs may appear such as persistent muscular aches and pains, fatigue, headaches, digestive issues and poor sleep. 

Skilled bodywork can be used to open communications between the brain and the body. It can change bad ‘patterns’, unlock pain cycles and re-open a healthy core memory which allows the body to heal itself once again.

Are you frustrated by a physical issue? Do you feel that your current choice of therapy is no longer benefiting you?

Positive Health offer progressive, effective alternatives using Amatsu from Japan and The Bowen technique from Australia. Can Amatsu help me? Can Bowen help me?

Features of our treatments

* Both The Bowen Technique and Amatsu work with your body’s soft tissue network to encourage rebalance  through muscles, tendons and ligaments. There are no high velocity thrusts or manipulations.

Globally these tissues are known, as ‘connective tissue’, the most dominant form of which is known as ‘fascia.’ Fascia runs through our bodies like a 3-D matrix or spider's web from top to toe, enveloping our muscles and forming pockets for our organs. It follows that any release of tension in this widespread net can achieve releases throughout the whole body and, ultimately, impact on the efficacy of body systems.

* Every session is holistic in nature; looking at the function of the body as a whole.We do not just focus on the problem area but consider your body as an integrated unit. For example, a problem shoulder may be held in a cycle of pain and restriction due to problems in the back or even one of the organs.

* Assessment is made of structural tensions and bio-mechanics with reference to the recent concepts of Biotensegrity.

* As treatment releases tensions in the body structure energy blockages can be opened up. This often prompts a general sense of well-being, increase in energy and clarity of thought.

* Treatment can help to relieve muscle spasm, increase blood and lymph flow; in turn prompting detoxification and stress relief.

* As the whole body is brought back into balance it is common for older ailments to improve alongside more recent concerns.

* Both methods are suitable for all ages, from babies through to the elderly and during pregnancy.

* Work is generally carried out through light clothing

* “Less is more”. The practitioner will only put in the minimal work required. It has been shown, rather like overloading a computer, that if too many ‘commands’ are put into the body’s communication centre then it may shut down and not respond.This more measured pattern of working often results in either resolution or  longer relief from symptoms.


Prevention is always better than cure.

It may only take a few weeks to improve your symptoms and prompt pain relief but long-term patterns can be deeply entrenched and benefit from periodic treatments.
Furthermore, ‘normal life’, with its all its stresses (Amatsu-The Godai), can make it easy for the problem to re-occur. Do you spend long hours seated over a computer or spend a lot of time in the car? Are you a keen gardener? Do you play a repetitive, one-sided, sport? Musician? Mother of young children?? These can all set up unfavourable patterns in our muscles and therefore posture.

Hence, it may be advisable to return for sessions after the key symptoms have gone to remind the body of its new position. Regular treatments of Bowen or Amatsu therapy also provide the body and brain “time out” to restore internal order and balance, encouraging general health and helping prevent further illness.